This was such a fun session. Not only is the couple awesome and I had a great time doing their engagement session but we went to such a pretty location for their bridal session. They are living in utah, and it truly is an honor anytime I get ask to capture someone's wedding day, being asked to go to a different state where there are tons of photographers is an honor in itself. We went to the Salt Lake City State Capital building. Let me just saw wow. It was a cold day but it was worth it, this place was so pretty. I think the session went really well and here are some of the pictures I liked from the shoot.

The exterior of the capital building in salt lake city was just so beautiful. Seriously I loved the pillars and the walls and the doors. Everything about it. This couple was so cute too, we did the first look which the black and white one above this text is part of. Brianda was so beautiful with the flowers in her hair, the location I really could not get a bad photo if I tried.

I love the smile on her face in this photo, such true happiness and love.

We didn't spend to much time at the reflection pool because well it was freezing outside and we had been outside long enough. I really liked the way it looks though.

We made it inside just before closing and had the whole area to ourselves. Wow this inside was so beautiful. I had to get some wide shots to really showcase how beautiful the location was.

Really this was a great shoot, with an awesome couple and an amazing locations. I would love to come back here and shoot again. Utah is such pretty place. I recently just shot their wedding in utah and we got a good amount of amazing photos of their wedding day. I can't wait to go through and edit them.

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