Wow, I had the amazing opportunity to capture a really fun wedding. So this couple is LDS. They were married a year ago and just got sealed. I was honored they chose me and trusted me to capture such a special day to them. We went out to LA and they were sealed in the LA LDS Temple. After the sealing we went out to the pier and we had such an amazing time.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.

We started the day nice and early because well... its california and to travel like 20 miles can take an hour and a half haha so we had to get ready nice and early to make it to the temple one time. The getting ready pictures were so much fun to be part of, its a part of the day I enjoy, because I get to learn more about the couple, their love and their story.

The groom getting ready.

The bride her best friend and her mom. 

I love this black and white photo of the groom getting ready.

After getting ready the couple went to the temple and we checked out the L.A. Temple to see where we were going to do our pictures. It was a pretty location, with a lot of options. 

The happy couple after just getting sealed.

After we did the family photos we spent some time with the bride and groom to get some romantic formals of them. The wind picked up a little bit but we made it work.

After the pictures of course we had to stop by chic fil a. The bride insisted on it and we were more than happy to comply. Some great food with a great group of people.

I love this ring shot.

I don't really post my detail shots because well I prefer to show pictures of people and emotions but I was really happy with this picture. 

After the reception, we went down to the santa monica pier and road some rides, took some pictures and had a great time. 

Seriously this was such a fun day. It was a long time but really fun, I was really happy with all the moments that we captured. The couple was awesome and the best part is they love their pictures and that's why I do what I do, capturing special moments on special days and making my clients happy.

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