We had a great time doing a few family sessions out at mount charleston. It started off not too cold and then slowly got colder, by the last session it was really cold. We shot a couple different families out there. There was a little bit of snow around us and it was so pretty. I can't wait to take my son up there to go sledding. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from these mini sessions.

This first family was so cute. The little boy had the cutest eyes, and I love the black and white photo I took of him. The snow looks so cool. The boy was a trooper not complaining about the snow. 

I love this shot of the next family. They move around a lot for work. They found me on instagram and I was honored that of all the different photographers in vegas they liked my photos the best to contact me. The one little boy wasn't too pleased to be out in the cold and I couldn't blame him. Even with the cold we were able to get a couple great photos.

This next family was so cute. The little girls were freezing but they toughed it out for a couple photos. While we were out there some of their friends showed up to go for a walk. It is crazy how small this world is. 

I had so many great photos from this next family it was really hard to choose which ones to post. These kids were great, some of the best kids I have shot even the little guy. They all knew what to do, looked at the camera and were just a great little family. 

The next group was part of a big group, well so was the family above. We did a couple pictures of some of the small groups and then some more pictures of everyone, it was so cold because they were the last session of the day.

Mount charleston is really such a pretty place to take pictures whether its engagements, bridals, or family pictures. I am glad we have such an awesome place so close to vegas. 

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