It is that time of year again where we update our family portraits. I love shooting families, there are a few families I have been shooting for a couple years now and it is so exciting to watch these families grow. We don't often offer mini sessions, but this year we are offering a couple different days of mini session. This is from our first mini session day out at Calico Basin. 

The first group of the mini session day was for my assistant brandon and his wife. Brandon is new to Canico Studios, he is assisting and going to help the business grow. He is a pretty cool guy we are happy to have him around.

Talia and her family are so amazing, I have been doing photos for her for almost 6 years now. I love watching her family grow from doing her bridals to doing pictures with her husband and 2 kids. 

Calico basin family pictures
Calico basin family pictures

This next session was so fun, first off the mom speaks portuguese. I served my mission in brazil and actually the last city I lived in is where her family is from. I love this black and white of the mom and daughter. 

Look at these twins... oh my they were so cute and funny, we sung mickey mouse club house, made silly faces and had a great time. 

I loved this family's attire, look at that little boy he is so handsome. This was a great shoot so many awesome shots from this family mini session.

This family is so fun, I did their family photos last year. The little boy is so cute and makes the funniest faces. While the oldest is getting old and too cool to smile, we got a few good smiles out of him after mentioning a girl's name. 

This family was great, their kids were awesome. They were one of the families that purchased a family session at a silent auction for a charity event. 

These two boys were so cute, unfortunately the father wasn't able to make the session so we did a lot of just the boys. 

The next session was a family i met through doing business videos. Angel works for a company that I've done a few business videos and photos for. 

I am so grateful that these families have trusted me to capture these portraits of their families. I take great pride in being allowed the privilege to create photographs that will last a long time in their family history.  Calico Basin is one of my favorite places to shoot. It has such a wide variety of locations.

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