Another awesome engagement session with an amazing couple. I had the pleasure of shooting engagements at the wetlands with Brooke and David. It is crazy seeing this girl get engaged. I knew her from church when she was just a little kid. Crazy how time flies, and how old I am getting. She told me that her fav thing about my photos were how colorful they are. So we chose to go to the wetlands for the awesome color of the plants and the endless locations. We went exploring and found some cool spots.

Sometimes we think living in Las Vegas that there isn't a lot of green around us, but if you know where to look you can find some amazing places. I love how happy they are and how cute they were together. Something unique about this couple is that they are having their first kiss over the alter. I think that is such a cute thing to do. I am proud of them and their decision. 

This next picture is one of my favorites. As most of you know that I love a more serious style of photography. It is hard to find someone who can naturally pull of a beautiful serious face without looking angry ha. Brooke nailed it, I love the look in her eyes and just the calming nature of this photo.

We trekked for a while until we found this really cool river bend shot. Ok so its sort of a glorified stream and not really a river, but living in vegas I'll consider it a river. 

There were a good amount of great sunset photos  and I was so happy that they sky turned out the way it did. We were able to capture some awesome images. 

Well there were many great photos but you'll have to wait for the couple to share all of them. I had so much fun shooting this engagement session in the wetlands here in las vegas. Look forward to their wedding day. 

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