Wedding season is coming...

You most likely are already engaged, and planning your wedding. First off congratulations that is so awesome, marriage is great and an amazing opportunity for growth and happiness. Secondly wow, you are getting married... one of the most special and biggest days of your life. This is a huge occasion, and is something you are going to want to remember and cherish with your kids, grandkids and future generations. Thats why having an awesome photographer and or videographer is so important.

Sample of photo using flashes.

Sample of photo using flashes.

There are a million and one photographers out there. I'm personally based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and there are probably a million photographers here alone. So many options, how do you know which one to choose? Well... we are here to offer a few ideas and things to look out for. Here are our top 3 things to look out for in your perfect wedding photographer.


Now I know everyone has to start somewhere, but at the same time, this is your wedding day, do you really want someone who just started out to be in charge of capturing one of the most special moments of your life? With experience comes extra value in your photographer. What happens if their flash breaks, or if something else goes wrong, most likely the photographer has experienced something and can handle themselves under the pressure. Not sure if you know, but shooting weddings is a lot of stress for a photographer, we only get one chance at a lot of special moments. Thats why experience matters, so the photographer can capture those quick but important memories. Now I am all for helping someone start out or having a family friend who has a camera come shoot, but really, its best to just ask the photographer if that person can help shoot instead of trusting your special day with them. 

Sample of natural light photographer

Sample of natural light photographer


Number two on our list of helping you find the right photographer for you is style. Some people think all photography is the same, but really every photographer shoots different and each has their own style. There are different types of photographers, film, digital, natural light and strobists. Each has its own look and is important to the out come of the final images. For example Natural Light photographers, use natural light, they don't use additional lights to enhance the image. Strobists, use strobes or flashes to create a different look then the natural light photographer. The strobist uses additional lights to shape the light and bring out the colors of the sky and what not. This is something that matters. So do some research and see what style best suits you. We here at Canico Studios actually do both, we shoot natural light and with flashes, so we get the best of both sides. Our editing is a little different than most photographers and thats what makes us stand out. 


Last but not least on our list of things to look for in a wedding photographer is their personality. Now this doesn't relate to how well qualified they are, or if they are even talented...hopefully they are like we discussed earlier, but yeah this is important. You need someone that you like, its your wedding day, if you are fun and out going, find a photographer that fits that the worst is when you are trying to have fun but your photographer is cut and dry. The opposite is true too, if you are serious and your photographer is wild and crazy it might not be a great fit. Sure you might still get great photos but on the day of it will add to the stress. You want this day to be as stress free as possible. So make sure you find someone that fits your desired over all feel. 

Well thats the top three tips to help you find the right photographer, i hope this was helpful and that your wedding day goes well. If you want to check out our work just look through the site and see if we are a good fit for you. If not maybe we can help point you in the right direction. Either way congratulations on getting engaged. Cheers