Hey everyone, I hope life is going well for you. Things have been going pretty well for me, minus the car accident and finding out I had a suspended license. Getting all that squared away and can't complain, I'm alive, I'm well, I get to create videos and photos for amazing people and I have my awesome son. All in all I'm just happy to be here. Maybe its because of the car crash and it putting things into perspective but I've been thinking a lot about families lately. Families are pretty awesome, super annoying but pretty awesome. Especially when it's your family as in you have your kids. Most of us get photos done every year of our family, which is awesome because it shows the change in our families every year and pictures are awesome. Another option out there, which I love doing is creating a end of the year video, compiling clips of my son throughout the year and making a little montage. With youtube and google, now of days you can learn how to pretty much do anything, so learning how to edit your video clips from your phone or camera won't be too hard and they are awesome to have. I love doing it and wish I had filmed more every year so i could put more clips into the video. My son also loves to watch the videos I have made of him, its one of his favorite things. He loves watching his baby video, birthday video, turned one video and any other one we have made. Check out his newest video here from 2014 

I actually had a client last year that had a great idea of combining video and photography into a christmas card, so she sent out a youtube link instead of a family photo, and everyone loved it. It was awesome to create this slide show for her mixed with some video we filmed of them setting up the christmas tree. It was a lot of fun, the boys loved it and the parents loved it as well. I thought it was such a cute idea and I was honored to be part of capturing and preserving her family's lifestyle in a visual media. You should check out her awesome family video christmas card here.

And actually this family has two really awesome restaurants that you should check out if you live in las vegas Firefly and Tacos and Beer

Anyways that's what was on my mind this week, the car crash, families, videos and christmas cards. If you want to follow our blog make sure to subscribe. We will be posting weekly...hopefully and have some photo and video tips too. Cheers