Hey everyone, I am going to start doing blog post for Flash Back Fridays. These post will include photos from shoots in the past and any stories I can remember about them. Sometimes it will just be one session or one photo other times it will be a lot of photos. I hope you guys like these posts and would love some feedback so comment below. Cheers

For this week's #FBF Im going back almost to the beginning of when I first started shooting photos. It was only a little longer than 4 years ago that I started taking pictures for fun/ for work. Originally I started in video production, which overtime led me to start shooting photos. This was my first bridal shoot ever and the first shoot I believe that I used an off camera flash and least a shoot I was getting paid for. Here are a couple photos from this session. 

This was my favorite photo from the session. I loved it.

This was my favorite photo from the session. I loved it.

las vegas bridals

These were two of my fave photos from this session, man my style was way grungier back then. I still like the grungy stuff, in fact maybe next week's session will be about my sister's bridal session... anyways Talia was awesome, we had such a fun shoot. We explored downtown henderson and found random places to shoot at, we then went to the dry lake bed and on our way there found a cool wall. Since this session, Talia used me every year capturing family photos, maternity and more family photos. Here are just a couple from over the years. 

las vegas family pictures
las vegas christmas photos
las vegas family photos
las vegas family photos

So this last photo, it was cold, and it was starting rain, the little girl wasn't very happy and wasn't cooperating well, so we just let her run around. I was nervous about not getting many great shots because of it, and didn't want to let this awesome family down but with a little bit of luck on my side I got some great shots of her. In fact this last picture of her is one of my favorite photos. 

Honored to be the one capturing Talia's family as they grow each year. We just recently scheduled our shoot for this year and I can't wait.

So thats this week's flash back friday blog post. Hopefully you guys liked this and its worth doing every week, if so I will keep doing them. So let me know your thoughts, did you like this, or is it dumb haha. Cheers